Frank Powers Birthday at the FINAL & LAST Wednesday Game Night

Blah blah blah all that stuff below. The bottom line is, it’s my last game night at Hotel McCoy and I’m going out with a bang. Some Beer on me! It’s going to be more of a party night than a game night but rumor has it I am going to do every punishment I have ever inflicted on people at Jengapocalypse . Comedy BirFday for sure. Toot toot… what have I gotten myself into??

Hotel McCoy’s Weekly Wednesday Game Show
Hosted by Frank!Powers
It’s A WHEELIE FUN GAME NIGHT with a duo of GameDanger!
Come to play. Come to watch.
Just come have fun at the Beautiful Hotel McCoy!
BingoNoNO! at 7:30pm
“It’s extreeeeeme Bingo.”
A Bingo game begins as normal but -LOOK OUT- A BingoNO BALL mean a spin of the wheel and new element is added to the game for all. A Free Space? Eliminate a corner? Maybe even PASS YOUR WHOLE CARD! Yikes… Hopefully a riot won’t break out and you don’t scream “Bingo”– you’re yelling “BingoNoNO!!”
Jengapocalypse at 8:30pm
“Jenga with Truth AND Consequences”
What’s more exciting than Jenga?
SIX Games of Jenga at once… and We’re playing for points, penalties, and even punishments!
Would you dare eat a bug? Sing in front of the room?! DANCE?? Eat sardines!? Bring your bravest friend to help you to the end and see if your pride survives the Jengapocalypse.
SEARCH FOR OUR VIDEOS AND TRAILERS! They’re a RIOT! Share them so this event is a success.
LIKE our page and tell a friend! Help our game night grow & GO!
–A Note from your Host and creator of Wheelie Fun Games–

Well Hello,
Game nights at bars are great. But it seems “Game night” means the exact same geek trivia game at every bar in town. Isn’t trivia just a test I didn’t study for… while drinking!?
I developed a Game Night that everyone can play, either as an individual or as a team… No studying required.
Wheelie Fun Games puts an extreme spin on classic games by adding a little chaos and a lot more suspense to group game nights. A spin of one of my wheels determines new rules, wildcards, and even punishments during gameplay.
GAMEDANGER… the Game night Game Changer.
It’s at Hotel McCoy with a double dose of new exciting games of Bingo and Jenga. Let’s redefine game night to mean something more than a pop culture pop quiz for Geeks.
Frank Powers


Jan 29 2020


7:30 pm - 11:30 pm


Tucson Hotel McCoy
720 West Silverlake Road


Hotel McCoy

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