World’s Best Book Swap

We all have our favorite books. The ones that will forever have a home on our shelves for they will surely be read again but… this is about that other stack of books. The novels you have read and you have liked, but you will never crack open again.

SWAP ‘EM at the World’s Best Book Swap at Hotel McCoy.

Here’s how it works (honor system activated):

STEP 1: Bring your gently read books to the event
STEP 2:Leave them on the Book Swap Table
STEP 3: Say Your Goodbyes
STEP $: Find some new to you books take as many as you brought


our favorite hot chicken food truck Pops hot Chicken

a $5 Mimosa Bar (peach, passion fruit, lemons, sangria, classic?) YOU TELL US

a literary station, color the classics


and a room full of readers (and maybe a few authors because the Tucson Festival of Books is in town!)

Book Swaps at Bars: Because Introverts Like to Go Out Too


Mar 14 2020


6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Tucson Hotel McCoy
720 West Silverlake Road


Hotel McCoy

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